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2.Ben E. King Supernatural Thing Pt. 2 Listen Here (LP Version) Georgia On My Mind 09 Hot Fun in the Summertime 10EbbTide Running Away 16 1ThePastelsBeenSoLong 2dinahwashington illclosemyeyes 3loveandhappiness algreen 4DontTakeYourLovefromMe 5mathis chances 6ThereGoesMyBabyLPVersion 7gloria hill 8TheChantelsMaybe 9TempreesImForYouYouForMe[1] AlGreen BackupTrain BrookBentonItsJustaMatterofTime 0302211537[1] CaliforniaDreaminJoseFeliciano[1] CryBaby DaddysHomeShepTheLimelites Disc418NeverCanSayGoodbye DoesYourMamaKnowAboutMeBobbyTaylorTheVancouvers1968 DooWopNolanStrongTheDiablosIAmWithYourj DooWopTheChantelsLookinmyeyes1961 DryYourEyesBrendaTheTabulations GeneWendellTheRoachDance GladysKnightthePipsWherePeacefulWatersFlow GonzoJamesBooker HarlemShuffle HarptonesFoolishMerareDoowop HeyLoveStevieWonder19672 Hiheelsneakers Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic ICWNL Iloveyoumore JackieWilsonLonelyTeardrops[1] JohnnyMathis donothing JuniorWalkerCleosBack[1] LOVELove algreen LaLaMeansILoveYou LastTrainFromOverbrook LightMyFireJoseFeliciano[1] LonelyGirlAndreaDavisMinnieRiperton NolanStrongTheDiablosTheWind OhHowItHurtsBarbaraMason OnBroadway OneWoman OurDayWillCome RayBryantComboTheMadisonTime Rise SmokeyRobinsonQuietStorm SoFarAwayLPVersion Soundtrack1993ABronxTaleOST05 Soundtrack1993ABronxTaleOST08 Soundtrack1993ABronxTaleOST12 Soundtrack1993ABronxTaleOST16 SupernaturalThingPart1LPVersion SupernaturalThingPt2LPVersion TellHimPattiDrew TemptationsFarewellMyLove1 ThatsHowHeartachesAreMadeBabyWashington1963 TheCadillacsSpeedo[1] TheCleftonesShesSoFine TheFlamingosIOnlyHaveEyesforYou TheHearbeatsAThousandMilesAway[1] ThePayback ThePlattersOnlyYou TimeWasLPVersion Track11UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track12UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track15UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track22UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track4UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track8UnknownAlbum172009104656PM TwoLoversMaryWellsLookingBack19611964Disc1 Walk On By WorkinOnAGroovyThingPattiDrew YouBeatMetothePunchMaryWellsLookingBack19611964Disc1 YoullLoseAPreciousLove YourOldStandbyMaryWellsLookingBack19611964Disc2[1] YouveBeenMyInspiration YouveGotToEarnIt allover bigboy bill let billy strange[1] dus13[1] dus17[1] dus3 elephantwalk etta last ftnpi gene tempt gene true getajob girlsalright gloria wish[1] marvin distant[1] marvin inner[1] max oh nancy when[1] samcooke thetemptationszoom wes bumpin wwyd 3.You Beat Me To The Punch- Mary Wells 4.10 - Youve Got To Earn It 5.jackson five big boy 6.Stay Awhile With Me 7.Billy Stewart Strange Feeling 8.01getajob 9.03Hiheelsneakers 10.Sam Cook A Change Gone Come 11.SmokeyRobinsonTheMiraclesWouldILove 12.Smokie Robinson and The Miracles Qui 13.DooWopTheChantelsLookinmyeyes1961 14.The Bar-Kays Holy Ghost 15.Koko Taylor Wang Dang Doodle 16.girlsalright 17.01 Dream Come True [Extended Stereo 18.17 - Youll Lose A Precious Love 19.01 i love you more 20.07 elephant walk 21.ftnpi 22.allover 23.etta last 24.max oh 25.ICWNL 26.wwyd 27.The Flares - Foot Stompin' 28.Quincy J Summer In The City 29.So Far Away (LP Version) 30.TheSchoolboysPlease 31.FlamingosTilltheEnd 32.16 Two Lovers Mary Wells 33.marvin gaye -sparrow 34.Ray Bryant Combo-Madison 35.05 simply beautiful 36.Jan Bradley- Mama 37.Time Was (LP Version) 38.07 for the good times 39.marvin gaye -i met a little girl 40.03 love and happiness 41.The Channels - The Closer You Are 42.Your Old Standby Mary Wells 43.08 look what you done for me 44.03 - Slowly But Surely (LP Version) 45.09 - Your Way (LP Version) 46.ArtLaboes60KillerOldies4o 47.Diablos The Wind 48.HarptonesFoolishMe 49.TheCrestsIfMyHeart 50.NolanStrongTheDiablos 51.ShepTheLimelitesYoureAThous 52.TheCleftonesShesSoFine 53.TurbansIllAlwaysWatchOverYou1956 54.06 Gene & Wendell - The Roach ( D 55.05 Gene Pitney - Town Without Pit 56.11 Touissant Mc All - Nothing Tak 57.09 Barbara Lynn - You'll Lose A Go 58.01 i'm still in love with you 59.the temptations - zoom 60.114-marvin gaye -when did you stop 61.201-marvin gaye -here my dear (moce 62.204-marvin gaye -anger (extended mi 63.205-marvin gaye -is that enough (mo 64.206-marvin gaye -everybody needs lo 65.207-marvin gaye -time to get togeth 66.209-marvin gaye -annas song (john r 67.Quincy Jones - 02. Eyes Of Love 68.Quincy Jones - 03. Tribute To A.F.R 69.Quincy Jones - 05. You've Got It Ba 70.Quincy Jones - 06. Superstition 71.Quincy Jones - 07. Manteca 72.Quincy Jones - 08. Sanford & Son Th 73.Quincy Jones - 09. Chump Change 74.02 i'm glad you're mine 75.03 going home (vocal by sakinah) 76.Quincy Jones - 04. Love Theme (From 77.04 what a wonderful thing love is 78.06 oh, pretty woman 79.14 ed and digger 80.04 - Light my Fire 81.01 - Beginnings 82.03 - Here There and Everywhere 83.02 coffin ed and grave digger 84.Astrud Gilberto - Holiday 85.09 - Love is Stronger far than We 86.11 down in my soul (vocal by leta g 87.13 my salvation (vocal by melba moo 88.02 - Holiday 89.06 - Let's have the Moring After 90.08 stockyard 91.10 deke 92.07 black enough (vocal by melba moo 93.09 the loving ballad (vocal by deni 94.04 sunlight shining (vocal by leta 95.05 man in distress 96.09 one of these good old days 97.01 cotton comes to harlem (vocal by 98.12 harlem by day 99.06 harlem medley 100.Michael Jackson- Bruce Swedien (Engineer)
Title Track - Supernatural Thing Pt. 1 - Ben E. King

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