Chicago Groove
2.Mary Wells Your Old Standby 3.Smokey Robinson & the Miracles Smoke 4.Billy Butler & the Enchanters I Can' 5.Light My Fire-Jose Feliciano 6.Mary Wells You Beat Me to the Punch 7.Temptations You'll Lose A Precious L 8.DooWopTheChantelsLookinmyeyes1961 9.Walter Jackson It's All Over 10.OOTP Dusties Track18 11.The Marvelettes The Marvelettes-The 12.The Temptations The Girl's Alright w 13.billy strange 14.Temptations You've Got To Earn It 15.Schoolboys Please Say You Want Me 16.The Temptations Dream Come True [Ext 17.max oh 18.The Pastels So Far Away (LP Version) 19.Walter Jackson What Would You Do 20.The Main Ingredient You've Been My I 21.I Found That Girl - The Jackson 5 22.I Do Love You-Billy Stewart 23.California Dreamin'-Jose Feliciano 24.Walk On By-Dionne Warwick 25.The Main Ingredient Just Don't Want 26.DooWopFlamingosTilltheEndofTime1960 27.Choosey Beggar-The Miracles 28.Um Um My Baby Loves Me-The Chi-Lite 29.You Neglect Me-Miracles 30.-Kim Weston Thrill Of The Moment 31.The Sweetest Thing This Side Of Hea 32.Manhattans Follow Your Heart 33.The Chi-Lites Oh Girl 34.Think Nothing About It 35.Right On The Tip Of My Tongue-Brend 36.The Beginning Of The End-The Unific 37.Alfi-Dionne Warwick 38.The Dovells Bristol Stomp 39.Can I-Vee Allen 40.Any Old Time Of The Day-Dionne Warw 41.Selfish One-Jackie Ross 42.The Main Ingredient Euphrates 43.Whatever Makes You Happy-The Miracl 44.Come Spy With Me-The Miracles 45.I Want You Around-Smokey and Mary W 46.Chuck Jackson If I Didn't Love You 47.You Waited Too Long - 5 Stairsteps 48.My Bed Of Thorns-Gladys Knight & Th 49.Let's Go Let's Go-Hank Ballard 50.Your Old Lady 51.Henry Ford & Lil Natalie & The Gifts 52.Midnight Girl-Lenny Williams 53.This Old Heart Of Mine-The Isley Br 54.Poncianna-The Miracles 55.It's Over-Nancy Wilson 56.Can't Stop Looking For My Baby 57.OOTP Dusties Track23 58.The Fantastic Four The Fantastic Fou 59.OOTP Dusties Track21 60.OOTP Dusties Track20 61.Billy Stewart Billy Stewart-How Nice 62.OOTP Dusties Track14 63.OOTP Dusties Track13 64.OOTP Dusties Track12 65.The Marvellos The Marvellos-We Go To 66.OOTP Dusties Track10 67.OOTP Dusties Track9 68.Temprees Temprees-I'm For You, You F 69.OOTP Dusties Track7 70.OOTP Dusties Track5 71.Fats Domino Fats Domino-I'm Walkin' 72.OOTP Dusties Track3 73.The Temptations The Temptations-Cind 74.OOTP Dusties Track2 75.Darrow Fletcher Sitting There That N 76.Henry Ford & Lil' Natalie & Gifts Tr 77.Derek Martin You Better Go 78.Festivals I'll Always Love You 79.Don't Be Afraid - Frank Carl & The 80.So Blue - Vibrations 81.Havana Moon-Chuck Berry 82.Let Her Love Me - Otis Leaville 83.Peace Of Minds - Vontastics 84.Say You - Monitors 85.God Bless The Child - The Dells 86.Things Go Better With Love - Duncan 87.Lanora - Vondells 88.Just A Part Of Life - 5 Crowns 89.14. Feel At Home Here - Michele Wil 90.15. Since I Fell For You - Vibratio 91.16. Hey Lady - Entertainment 4 92.17. It's You For Me - Amazons 93.18. Got No One - Delcardo's 94.19. Be Ever Wonderful - Ted Taylor 95.20. Under The Street Lamp - Exits 96.21. She's Gone - Nolan Chance 97.22. Never Too Much Love - Impressio 98.23. What A Good Nite - Dells 99.24. Stay A While With Me - Sharon R 100.25. Open Our Eyes - Gospel Clefts 1.Windy City If By Chance 2.The Chymes My Baby's Gone Away 3.The Emotions Heart Association 4.Faith Hope & Charity Come Back And F 5.The Stylistics Pay Back is a Dog 6.The Natural Four Can This Be Real? 7.Lost Generation The Sly, Slick & The 8.Spellbinders For You 9.The Lost Weekend- The Bridge Of Love 10.The Lost Weekend The Bridge Of Love 11.The Drifters There Goes My Baby 12.That's How Heartaches Are Made-Baby 13.Tell Him-Patti Drew 14.Somebody Please-The Vanguards 15.Oh How It Hurts-Barbara Mason 16.Lonely Girl-Andrea Davis (Minnie Ri 17.Hey Love-Stevie Wonder-1967(2) 18.Dry Your Eyes-Brenda & The Tabulati 19.Does Your Mama Know About Me-Bobby 20.Workin' On A Groovy Thing-Patti Dre 21.Let's Start Over-The Ringleaders SupernaturalThingPart1LPVersion SupernaturalThingPt2LPVersion TellHimPattiDrew TemptationsFarewellMyLove1 ThatsHowHeartachesAreMadeBabyWashington1963 TheCadillacsSpeedo[1] TheCleftonesShesSoFine TheFlamingosIOnlyHaveEyesforYou TheHearbeatsAThousandMilesAway[1] ThePayback ThePlattersOnlyYou TimeWasLPVersion Track11UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track12UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track15UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track22UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track4UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track8UnknownAlbum172009104656PM TwoLoversMaryWellsLookingBack19611964Disc1 Walk On By WorkinOnAGroovyThingPattiDrew YouBeatMetothePunchMaryWellsLookingBack19611964Disc1 YoullLoseAPreciousLove YourOldStandbyMaryWellsLookingBack19611964Disc2[1] YouveBeenMyInspiration YouveGotToEarnIt allover bigboy bill let billy strange[1] dus13[1] dus17[1] dus3 elephantwalk etta last ftnpi gene tempt gene true getajob girlsalright gloria wish[1] marvin distant[1] marvin inner[1] max oh nancy when[1] samcooke thetemptationszoom wes bumpin wwyd 22.Don't Make Me A Storyteller-Steve M 23.This Love's For Real-Hands Of Time 24.Auditions Returning Home From Vietna 25.Mr. Shy-Billy McGregor 26.Chi Lites You Did That To Me 27.Wait For Me-Brothers Of Soul 28.If You Haven't Got Love-The Dramatics 29.I Can't Wait-Dontells 30.Sunny and the Sunliners My Dream 31.Henry Ford Take Me For What I Am 32.Topics All Good Things Come To An End 33.15 Please say It Isn't So-Lee Willi 34.Loving You-Gifts 35.Continental 4 Oh Love-The Magnetics 36.Candy-Brothers Of Soul 37.Ronaldo Domino Not Too Cool To Cry 38.Continental 4 I Don't Have You 39.22 Till You Come back To Me-Lee Wil 40.All For You-Admirations 41.Baby Don't Go-Occasions 42.Si Berians Crying Baby Wont Help The 43.How Can I Pretend-Continental 4 44.Smoke A1 - I Can Feel Your Love 45.Smoke A2 - I'm So Glad You Came Alon 46.Smoke A3 - Rainy Night 47.Smoke A4 - Cream Of The Crop 48.Smoke A5 - I'm So Lonely 49.Smoke B1 - Have I Really Love You 50.Smoke B2 - Now You're Gone 51.Smoke B3 - You Will Always Be A Par 52.Smoke B4 - Don't Take Your Love 53.Smoke B5 - Make Believe
Title Track - Born To Love You - Temptations

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